Twitter, Tweet, Twubble

Finally opened a Twitter account but it took me two weeks to come up with the 140 characters for my first tweet. Don’t know if I have the stamina to do another. Can’t shake the feeling I’m doing something wrong.

My 140 character tweet WTF(iretruck)?*
1. Luca Brasi He snores with the fishes
2. Corporal Randolph Agarn F-Trooper
3. Charlie Allnut Bogie after treasure
4. Ampleforth Orwell victim
5. Boris Badenov Rocky and his friends
6. MSgt. Ernest G. Bilko You’ll Never Get Rich, Phil
7. Capt. Wallace Burton Binghamton McHale’s bane
8. Elwood Blues Tallest brother
9. Phineas T. Bluster Howdy Doody foil
10. Cheyenne Bodie Warner Brothers cowboy
11. Tom Bombadil J.R.R.T.
12. Amerigo “Bonasera Bonasera” Bonasera Vito’s undertaker
13. Dusty Bottoms One of the amigos
14. Alan Brady Dick Van Dyke’s boss
15. Bawwy Kwipke Lisping banger
16. Gentleman Brown Lord Jim Mason
17. Frank Bullitt Car Chase pioneer
18. Edd “Kookie” Burns 77 Sunset Strip
19. Algonquin J. Calhoun Amos pal
20. Hopalong Cassidy White horse, black hat
21. Sgt. Eustis Clay McQueen in the rain
22. Peter Clemenza Badda bing
23. Tony Clifton Kaufman crazoid
24. Inspector Jacques Clouseau French fuzz
25. Rooster Cogburn His grit abides
26. Verbal Kint Keyser Soze ring a bell?
27. Joe Bftsplk Dogpatch jinx
28. Ralph Kramden Loudmouth bus driver
29. Sonny Crockett Miami’s pastel cop
30. Lucky Day They’re using real bullets
31. Don Diego de la Vega He makes the sign of the Z
32. Louie DePalma Taxi boss
33. Yancy Derringer Neat belt buckle
34. Roy Trenneman Chris O’Dowd, IT Crowd
35. Pvt. Duane Doberman Aw sarge
36. Dudley Do-Right RCMP
37. Minnesota Fats Beaten by Fast Eddie
38. Wo Fat Book him, Dano
39. Lieutenant Gabriel Feraud Dueling hussar
40. Bernard P. Fife Deputy sans bullets
41. Larry Fine Middle stooge
42. Shooter Flatch Hackman hoosier helper
43. Dobie Gillis The many loves of
44. Herbert T. Gillis Dobie’s dad
45. Zelda Gilroy Dobie’s nose wrinkler
46. Barth Gimble Fernwood Tonight
47. Gimli, son of Gloin Brave dwarf
48. Chester Goode “Mister Dillon!”
49. Lou Grant Newsman to the core
50. Latka Gravas Taxi driver
51. Mr. Green Jeans Kangaroo sidekick
52. Torpedoman’s Mate Lester Gruber McHale crew
53. El Guapo A plethora of amigos
54. Pete Hogwallop Oh brother con
55. Curly Howard Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk
56. Moe Howard Brother of a stooge
57. Jerry Hubbard Fernwood sidekick
58. Jim Ignatowski Delawareites
59  Ed Norton “How’s things in the sewer…”
60. Clinton Judd R.I.P. Carl Betz
61. Pahoo Ka-Ta-Wah Yancy D’s bodyguard
62. Theodore Donald ‘Donny’ Kerabatsos Lebowski bowling pal
63. Happy Kine Fernwood orchestra leader
64. Schuyler “Sky” King Fifties flyboy
65. Major T.J. “King” Kong Slim Pickens
66. Captain Koons Walken’s wristwatch up the yingo
67. Cosmo Kramer Jerry’s neighbor
68. Maynard G. Krebs The G stands for William
69. Paul LaBiche Burt in The Train
70. Cliff “The Peeper” Murdock Newhart’s college pal
71. Larry’s other brother Darryl Newhart dim bulb
72. Treebeard Ent elder
73. Foghorn, I say Foghorn Leghorn Extremely confident rooster
74. Shelley “The Machine” Levene Glengarry Lemon salesman
75. Owen Lift Danny D’s train from Mama thrower
76. Jerry Lundegaard Fargo car dealer
77. Group Captain Lionel Mandrake Sellers’ Strangelove
78. Leonidas Matsoukas Read “A Dream of Kings”
79. Lucas McCain The Rifleman
80. Max Bialystock Springtime for Adolph
81. Scrooge McDuck Loved scones and money
82. H.I. McDunnough His seed could find no purchase
83. Ulysses Everett McGill Dapper Dan man
84. Quick Draw McGraw Armed, talking horse
85. Quinton McHale Borgnine in the navy
86. Mighty Mack McTeer Cameo bluesman
87. Thalia Menninger Dobie’s love interest
88. Fred Mertz Lucy Ricardo neighbor
89. Morty the Mime Crystal in Spinal Tap
90. C. W. Moss Ratted out Beatty and Faye
91. Francis Muldoon Car 54
92. Norman Mushari Rosewater villain
93. Ned Nederlander Amigo noticed by Dorothy Gish
94. Alfred E. Newman What, me worry?
95. Delmar O’Donnell Oh brother, we thought you was a toad
96. Darby O’Gill Sean’s first role
97. Sgt. Biff O’Hara Rin Tin Tin
98. James Bartholomew Olsen Clark Kent’s copy boy
99. Chatsworth Osborne Jr. Thalia Meninger’s real love
100. Brother Mouzone The Wire
101. Ensign Charles Beaumont Parker Made Borgnine a ten
102. Harlan Pepper Will you stop naming nuts!
103. Ricky Ricardo Babalu at the Copa
104. Mr. Pink Didn’t like his name
105. Josh Randall Wanted: Dead or Alive
106. Ratso Rizzo Midnight Cowboy he was not
107. Hickey Pimpleton Snidely Whiplash stage name
108. Eliot Rosewater God bless you Mr. Vonnegut
109. Kid Shelleen Marvin on drunk horse
110. Carl Showalter Buried the money in the snow
111. M.Sgt. Maxwell Slaughter Sergeant Gleason in the rain
112. Texas John Slaughter Early Tom Tryon
113. Al Sleet Hippy dippy weatherman
114. Derek Smalls Tapper with tinfoil cucumber
115. Leonard Smalls Avenging Arizona biker
116. Maxwell Smart But not that smart
117. Winston Smith Orwell’s 1984 Everyman
118. Gale Snoats Escaped Arizona jail with dumb brother
119. Walter Sobchat Dude’s pal really tied the show together
120. Buddy Sorrell Good old Morey Amsterdam
121. David St. Hubbins Held the Tappers together
122. Raj Koothrappali Big Bangist
123. Vin Tanner Steve as one of 7 magnificents
124. Big Dan Teague Goodman, the one-eyed Kluxer
125. Tom Terrific From Atlantic to Pacific, they know…
126. Mister Tibbs In the heat of the night
127. Gunther Toody “Ooh, ooh, Francis!”
128. Cluck Trent Daffy, the only real duck
129. Kilgore Trout Vonnegut fave
130. Ricardo Tubbs Crockett sidekick
131. Nigel Tufnel His amp went to 11
132. Floyd Turbo Heeeere’s Floyd!
133. The man who shot Liberty Valence The Duke does not abide
134. Reggie Van Gleason III See Minnesota Fats
135. Vincent Vega Pulp twist contest winner
136. Glen Allen Walken President Goodman, West Wing
137. Perry White Great Caesar’s ghost
138. Montana Wildhack Tralfamador vixen
139. Capt. John Yossarian Catch 22: Not crazy enough
140. Tubby Tompkins Little LuLu loser

*The iretruck is silent–unless there’s a ire.

©Patrick A. McGuire and A Hint of Light 2013-2016, all rights reserved.

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9 Responses to Twitter, Tweet, Twubble

  1. marstokyo says:

    I can’t believe I read the whole thing.


  2. PMcG says:

    But thanks for going the distance. Take the rest of the day off.


  3. Gramps says:

    No wonder it took two weeks!


  4. PMcG says:

    Sooooooo perceptive.


  5. Leeg says:

    Excellent. 😊Excellent 😊Excellent👍
    Got all the way to “106. Ratzo Rizzo” enjoying the review before I suspected something —- scrolled the the end to find # 140!!!!! And realized the garden path that I was being lead
    down– and loved every step of the path


  6. PMcG says:

    That’s why I avoid gardens.


  7. Anonymous says:

    They’re coming for you ….


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