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Stories from my years as a newspaper reporter and freelance writer,

Small boners

Q. I’m running for president but people say I’m crazy. How do I prove I’m not? A. Are you the guy who says Australia doesn’t exist because you’ve never been there? Q. Same with New Zealand. Have you ever been … Continue reading

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St. Paul’s e-Pistle to Bob

Bobster, I thought it kind of impersonal to be writing an e-Pistle addressed simply to, so I’ve decided to address each Galosh in a separate post. (This may be the dumbest idea I’ve ever had.) So Bob, did you … Continue reading

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Speed bumpery

After spending my non-adult life as a kid, I wanted to so something non-adult as an adult. I wanted to be a musician, a comedian, an actor. The nuns said oh no you’re not, mister. You’re going to be a … Continue reading

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