Haiku daydreaming

Wise man who cannot
outwit the witless becomes
witless and unwise

Beauty found in eye
of beholder, yes, but note:
eye must be open

To find who you are
consult your heart, soul and mind
don’t forget to tweet.

Tree falls in forest
with no one around to hear
Does flattened loon count?

Give a man a fish
he chokes, and while in E.R.
meets clever lawyer

Dog baying at moon
seeks answer to old riddle
Where did I hide bone?

The dude abides, he
sips White Russians while his rug
cries out for shampoo

Money is the root
of all evil, but what else
pays for root canal?

Birdsong gladdens hearts,
fosters love in everyone
except tone deaf fox

©Patrick A. McGuire and A Hint of Light 2014, all rights reserved

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