Vacation interrupt us

Dear youse who, for unknown reasons keep visiting

I will be away until midish August in the wilds of northwestern Ontario on a secret mission to capture Canadian walleye and grill them at length (and width) on behalf of an organization known only as “Bob will pick you up at the airport.” Don’t make me say any more. It will be a dangerous mission in that it will be in Canada, home of the wild Canada goose. If you’ve ever been goosed in the wild—whether in Canada or North Dakota, then you’re aware of the risks. If you haven’t been goosed in the wild then all I can say is “Where have you been goosed?”

I know we’ve grown close these past several months, so please don’t let my absence cause any upheavals in your life. For instance, if you drink, don’t go on a heavy binge fueled by despair. That is so derivative. There is a whole world of other fuels you can use for your heavy binges, including fossil fuels and corn on the cob. And if you don’t drink, now would not be the time to start. Wait until I get back. It will make for a better story arc.

Gotta go. In fact, gotta run. (Shouldn’t have had that third bottle of no pulp Pliestocene fossil juice.)

The Entire Staff and Management of

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7 Responses to Vacation interrupt us

  1. willow1945 says:

    Laughed out loud the whole way through! Must leave now to see if there are any bars open at 7:45 AM to begin my despair-driven binge.


  2. tenderlytina says:

    I get goosed every morning on the way to work. We have an entire flock (possibly gang would be a better word) of the Canada goose version that “own” our neighborhood. I don’t think one can call them wild without some degree of embarrassment but they certainly have a tude. They somehow manage to determine my exact time for work and wait to cross the street until I am driving by. It makes for a short coffee break on the way to work as I wait with all the other drivers impatiently tapping our toes while our fuel burns steadily away.


  3. tenderlytina says:

    Oh and sighhhh we will miss you, have fun on your trip and try not to feel guilty when considering what we may have to do to get by while you’re away.


    • PMcG says:

      TT: I’m on vacation, so I didn’t see this. If I had I might have thought I detected a hint of sarcasm. As we all know, sarcasm is the bounced check of a bankrupt wit. By the way, if your car is burning fuel, I’d have it looked at. If I saw this. Or that.


  4. w8screens says:

    Guten Start in die neue Woche wünsch ich


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